The King’s Speech – a truly great movie

It isn’t very often that I see the award winning movies before they win their awards but this one, and quite a few of the winners of Golden Globes this year, I did.  We went to it the other night and had a truly good movie experience.  The acting is just superb.  All the actors are perfectly cast, and they give performances which are out of the box.  Colin Firth as the poor Bertie, terrified of being King and supported by his loving wife Elizabeth, crippled with a debilitating speech impediment which leaves him terrified of speaking publicly.  This movie is moving and gripping. The relationship between the speech therapist and his unusual ways and his wonderful attitude to the royals and particularly Bertie is just grand.  This movie is really a parade of fabulous actors doing wonderful things.  Everything about the movie is right.

The story of Wallace Simpson and Edward has always interested me and this is explored a little bit during the movie – I’d really like a new movie about this relationship. I love stories about human frailties and imperfections especially when they are about royals who are somewhat mysterious to us and about whose lives we are only allowed snippets of information.

This is a movie to own.  Don’t wait for the DVD, head out to the movies, enjoy the atmosphere, the costumes and the sheer power of fabulous acting.

Loved it to bits.

Website for the film is here.


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