The Radleys by Matt Haig

Well I wasn’t expecting this, I chose the book a) because it was on special and b) the cover was stunning.  Perfectly good reasons.  I also had Matt Haig’s first book on my shelves at home and have been meaning to read it for ages, it is called The Last Family in England and is from the point of view of a dog, love the idea – see Dan Rhode’s Timoleon Vita on the books page and you will see I do rather like a book from an animal viewpoint, you could also have a look at The art of racing in the rain, which is reviewed on this blog quite a while ago.  So, The Radley’s  gorgeous cover, interesting sounding blurb on the back, I was after something not to heavy to read and so picked it up.  I put it down completed at the end of the day and sighed a happy, satisfied puff of happiness.  This is a cool book!

The Radley’s is the story of a seemingly ordinary suburban family, it is only subtle hints which most people wouldn’t pick up on, which might suggest that there is something a little odd about them.  Their poor teenage son is mercilessly bullied at school, their daughter is obsessed with the antivivisectionist league, Dad is a slightly distracted doctor and Mum is a sensible worried woman.  One night the daughter of the family comes under threat and all hell breaks loose, their family peace is shattered and terrible truths must be revealed.  If I write here that this is a vampire novel you won’t read it, so I won’t say that.  Lets say it’s the vampire book you read when you don’t want to read a vampire book!

This novel is funny, clever and a lighthearted read about a family with a serious problem, a wayward uncle and plenty to deal with when trouble comes to call.  I really enjoyed it and loved it’s little quirks.

Now I really have to read his other book.  Stat!


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