Tuna and Lemon Pasta

This living alone business is tricky, well not so much the living but the cooking for one.  Every time I make something I make far too much of it, then I end up having to eat it for days and days and get tired of it, then it goes in the bin.  So I need to make quick, easy, healthyish food that fits in a bowl, with only a bit of leftover which can be taken to school for lunch the following day.  This is that recipe at the moment, I’m a little fixated on it.  Try it is is yummy.

This isn’t a recipe it is more of a method.

Cook some pasta – long pasta I think rather than spirals or other short types.  Drain it when cooked.

When it is cooked tip a small can of tuna with lemon and pepper flavour over the top and add some spinach leaves, some chopped fresh parsley or chives and mix them through the pasta.  Spring onions are good too!

Grab a lemon, grate a little bit of the zest finely and save it, squeeze the lemon over the pasta, sprinkle the zest over the top and add a grinding of black pepper and the zest.  If you have some lime flavoured oil, such as the one in the photo I think you should add a dash of this as well, delicious.

Voila dinner is ready


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