Bossypants by Tina Fey

I’ve held off writing about this book because I bought it for my daughter and I wanted her to read it before I said what I thought.  Tessa has been a Tina Fey and 30 Rock fan since it first screened in New Zealand.  I was a late comer to the series and it grew on me the more I watched it.  One day recently pottering around the Uni Book Shop I discovered Tina Fey’s biography lurking, decided to buy it for Tessa and then promptly read it myself!  It was an act of motherly love to read the gift I bought for her.  Really!  Honest!

Bossypants is the story of Tina Fey growing up, her folks and her steady rise to celebrity via Saturday Night Live and on to movies like Mean Girls and my fave Date Night.  This celebrity did not come easy.  Fey writes about how incredibly sleep deprived she was, how work was really the only thing she did for years on end when she was chief writer on Saturday Night Live.  The stories from the beginning of her career with a travelling acting troupe were interesting and probably good reading for anybody who is interested in a career on the stage.

I enjoyed the book.  It is funny (as you would expect).  Tina Fey is clever, it is so obvious.  She has an eye for a good line and obviously 30Rock – based on a fictional live comedy sketch show which just has to be Saturday Night Live – is testament to that.  The woman has balls and is a force.  I liked her at the end of the book, which is unusual with these celebrity bios, usually I can’t stand the buggers at the end – See Russell Brand and Dawn French for examples.  Like all of these books it is a little choppy but I didn’t mind that this time.

I loved the lists and quotes in the book particularly.  And I especially liked the quote from her Dad about the cover of the book.  Something to the effect that they might want to rethink the cover if they expected to sell any!

Below the beginning of the audio version of the book.  Yes folks, she is quirky and fun,  and can rip of Sarah Palin really really well.



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