Sing you home by Jodi Picoult

I’ve recently finished this book, having sworn off Jodi a couple of her releases ago.  She seemed to me to be a little bit predictable, I felt I’d kind of finished with court room fiction and the issues based dramas that she tackles, and then I bought this book for my partner who reads them all – although had also been feeling a bit jaded with them.  Anyway after Sing You Home had been around the traps being read by others and they all raved over it, I thought oh well give it a whirl.

So glad I did.  It is a great book.  Of course it tackles the big issues of the day and in this book those are the difficulties facing those gay couples who hope to bring children into the world and raise them, and also the issues of frozen embryos sitting in storage created by married couples who have now broken up and who they belong to and what will happen to them.  Lots of issues.  Lots of conflicting views, ideals and expectations.  The lesbian aspect of the book had made me a little bit worried, but she does it really well.  Lovely romantic scenes, she explores the feelings really well and captures the togetherness and the isolation that often occurs in public situations for lesbians.  No words are minced when she deals with the unfairness of the law as it relates to homosexual relationships.

Then there is the whole religious thing, right wing evangelists manipulating and spending so much money to win in the law courts.  The conflicting feelings of Max the ex husband as he struggles with what is happening to him and the different directions he is being pushed.

I recommend the book to everyone.  This is as good a book as The Pact and Salem Falls which are my two favourites of Jodi Picoult and if you are a lesbian wanting a book which affirms this will be a good choice.

The  link below will take you to the Guardian website where Jodi talks about why she wrote the book and why she tackles these issues so frequently in her fiction.  Watch it here.




  1. Hi Bridget,
    I’ve just spent ages looking through your blog as it has so many interesting postings. I’m commenting using my WordPress account which is new. I’ve just started a blog for an Information Studies paper I’m doing. I’d actually come across your King’s High School blog a while ago as I’m interested in school libraries and Web2.0. I think it’s a great example of a blogging school library.

    1. Hi Carolyn, thanks for the comment and the nice things you said about the blog. You might be interested in our other blog. You can find it at loads of library goodness there, it is still using it’s training wheels but we are getting there. B

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