Month: August 2011

A wee treat for the partners we love

I think this handy chart will be useful to have about the house.  I think it isn’t just a men or woman thing this is a partnership deal.  I would like to encourage my partner when she views this post to take on board the sentiment and indeed follow the instruction.  After all “Have some wine” is so often the correct answer.  To everything.  Really everything.  I hate to create the impression that I’m partial to a glass of wine, even if it is true.  Well it is true!  But don’t go judging me as a wine dependent sado, because even if that were true, I would deny it throughly and robustly.  So, darling, if you are reading this post, do take note and apply the medication (wine) as directed below.  Cheers!


Lana Del Rey

If you are looking for sad and beautiful the video below may be nirvana for you.  The music without the video is gorgeous, but add the video and you get a totally different feel. Super 8 footage in the old school style, gorgeous opening, very distopian and glamour glamour glamour.  She’s described herself as “Hollywood Pop/Sad Core” it is certainly sad, it is certainly beautiful and I love it a lot.  The video has had some of it’s content ‘adjusted’ if you want to see what she originally made then have a look at it here on Daily Motion.

Her Myspace page gives you access to more videos and photos etc.

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Cake Wrecks – deliciously funny

By Cake Central member tguegirl via Cake Wrecks

Cake Wrecks is one of those websites you go back to time and time again because it is … well it is simply fantastic.  The sheer skill, and creativity that goes into the cakes is pretty amazing.  The tagline on the website is “When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.”  These guys know their stuff.  For those of us with limited decorating ability this site will just make you feel insecure, but also very in awe of the skill in the cakes.  Other people’s efforts will have you rolling round in tears of laughter.

The last ‘decorated’ cake I made was for some friends who got married and the cake did not go according to plan.  I made a White Cake (but not that one mine had finely diced blanched almonds in it), one of the most yummy cakes known to man or woman, but icing the thing was a whole new mission.  I can make a cake alright but icing the thing in an attractive manner is somewhat, no completely, beyond me.  Luckily the photos of that poor cake are lost forever in the limbo of a laptop which will never work again – unless I accidentally with misplaced pride saved them to Flickr.

Hearty Ginger Wine Casserole

This is in the oven at the moment, on a freezing Dunedin day it is always the best thing to put something in the oven which will warm your insides and your outsides in one swoop.

The interesting ingredient in here is Ginger Wine.  Stones for preference.  It also has some of the gorgeous smoked garlic you can buy at craft and food fairs here, but you don’t really need that as any garlic will do.  There is also some brown sugar in here because I want a caramelish taste and it makes a silkier texture.

As with all my casserole recipes this is a method rather than a recipe.  Use what you have in your cupboards and fridge, don’t panic if you don’t have any one particular item that I’ve used just make it up as you go along.

On reflection I decided that this would work with chicken or pork as well.  Maybe adjust the stock to match.Cut about 750g of chuck or blade steak into pieces (or chicken or pork if you are going that way).  Put into a bag with 2 heaped tablespoons of flour, a good grinding of black pepper and a big shake of salt and give it a good shake.  You can do it in two batches if necessary.  You want the meat well coated, no red bits showing.

Fry the meat, in batches so that there is only a single layer of meat at a time, in a mixture of oil (I use rice bran) and a knob of butter, until it is nicely sealed and golden brown.  This is actually the most important step in making a really good casserole, if you don’t do this properly you get a less rounded taste IMHO!  Remove from the pan and dump into a casserole dish which either has a lid or can be lidded with foil.  Add more oil and butter if you need to, some onions cut into 8ths lengthwise and some shallots if you have them and most importantly about 6 cloves of garlic (less if you aren’t a fan of that much garlic loveliness)

Into the casserole dish add:  2 carrots, 1 stick of celery and any other veg you have available. Chickpeas, zucchini, red or green pepper, some beans or whatever is lurking in the bottom of the fridge would be great.

On top of the veg  throw in, a generous sloshing of green ginger wine, a generous slosh of dirty red wine, 1 dessertspoon of brown sugar, a small dollop of tomato sauce or ketchup. Add one or two stock cubes or the new concentrated stock which is more like a jelly and far more delicious (depending on the meat you are using, beef or chicken).  Add some thyme, I have fresh in the garden and I like a generous amount but you decide how thymey you want it to be. Add a good grind of pepper.  Stir around, taste, adjust to your preference adding more salt if you think it needs it.

Cover and bung it in the oven at 200 for 10 minutes or until it is really hot, and then reduce the heat to 160 for ages.  Chuck steak likes long slow cooking so be prepared for a long wait while it gets all melt in your mouth and yum.  If you are using chicken or pork it would take less time to cook.

I’m serving mine with some balsamic potatoes but you could just as well serve it with rice, couscous, mashed potato or another starch of your choice.  Hunker down and wait for the weather to improve.

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Lady Gaga and the video of awesomeness

It has been a while since Lady Gaga impressed me with her video antics but this time I’m her video watcher slave again. The video of You and I is cool.  If she is going to put in scenes like this (watch it and you will know what I’m talking about) I’m going to watch and listen and probably download/buy the cd.  Mermaids, Gaga dressed as a James Dean lookalike, gorgeousness galore.  I like!  Great tune.

The adventures of a cardboard box

This is really cute.  A little boy and his sister find lots of wonderful things to do with a cardboard box.  Reminded me of when my kids were little and the fun they had with moving boxes and the like.

“Filmed entirely on a cell phone, this short film relates the adventures a child can find from just a cardboard box and an imagination. Filmed in Bergen, Norway by Temujin Doran. (via Laughing Squid)”


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The most beautiful words in the English language

Lots of things that Bridget likes tonight! 

What do you think is the most beautiful word in the English language?  Here are some to mull over.  This gorgeous thing came to me from Flavourwire which is my current fave website for browsing lovely stuff but the post is on The Huffington Post.  Great comments at the end of the  article.

What do I think are fabulous words:  I like Pomegranate, Shameless, Flowing, Wanty, Ramble, Sizzle and a whole bunch more.


Listen to Libby!

If you like it (and of course you do) you could join this Facebook page called Text Vote for Libs which aims to get Libby Hamilton onto the morning TV show Good Morning.  I don’t watch morning television due to an allergy – well an allergy to missing Morning Report on National Radio.  Libby is from Alexandra and is a lovely person, and she can sing.  Really sing.  Really sing beautifully and well.  Join the page.  Go on.  She is lovely!