The most beautiful words in the English language

Lots of things that Bridget likes tonight! 

What do you think is the most beautiful word in the English language?  Here are some to mull over.  This gorgeous thing came to me from Flavourwire which is my current fave website for browsing lovely stuff but the post is on The Huffington Post.  Great comments at the end of the  article.

What do I think are fabulous words:  I like Pomegranate, Shameless, Flowing, Wanty, Ramble, Sizzle and a whole bunch more.




  1. How about these words? Off the top of my head, here are a few of my favourites:
    amok, catastrophe, harpsichord, assassin, pyjamas, kindergarten, cucumber, winnow, possess, viridian, amaranth, hyacinth, magenta, velvet – and cheerio!
    And that’s just English words…

  2. Oh these are great Philippa. We should do this at bookclub tomorrow night. We could do other languages too ….. Oooo I’m a little excited ….

  3. Azure, superfluous (for the sound of it), mellifluous. I like Uuuuuus. Liquid u’s in words like tubular, Tuesday and Tuna.

  4. Chaos! When I first read the word (as an avid baby-sitter’s club fan), I decided it was pronounced “Cha-hoos”. I was so literate.

    Also: Fluent. It sounds good.

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