Month: February 2013

Then what happened?

Well you see it is like this, I just got distracted by other shiny objects.  Often it was this, and then it was this, and then I got a bit over cooking for a bit, and got really into this.  There were other distractions like Hey Day, the horribly addictive iPad game.  In my defense I did spend some time doing work at night on various projects.  But, online life became a series of time wasting exercises or tutuing around on websites of all types, helping out my friend Miriam on her marvellous new endeavour for SLANZA but also rather a lot of TV watching.

In the meantime though this blog continued to get hits, about 20 odd a day, people were coming to check what was going on, and finding nothing, and then the other day I bumped into a regular reader in the lovely University Book Shop and we chatted for a while and she said to me “What’s happened to the blog?”   I came home, had a think, thought I’ve done more baking, I’ve read a 100 odd books in the last year and I haven’t blogged about any of it, I’ve been collecting quirky stuff from around the web but just storing it for later.

I’ve got some books to talk about coming up.  I’ve got lovely things in my garden and I have plenty of opinions to share.  Best I get on and do something then!