Cultural Pessimism

I am a fan of Marilynne Robinson, her writing is so beautiful as to be luminous. Shining its words from the page in a way that draws you in, you notice the way she writes, the way she describes feelings and things. She is just that good.

The other day I was driving home from town and happened upon this interview from the 19minute mark and have gone back to listen to the whole thing.  If you are interested in American politics and you are aghast at the rise of Donald Trump, you might be interested in listening to this interview from the BBC’s Jane Little.  I love the way she talks about Christians – while she certainly is one! I love the way she talks about the ‘language of alarm’ and says that the major threat to Christianity is Christianity. It is very interesting to her and her views. Listen to the lot if you are interested in her as a person and her religious views, and on the rise of Cultural Pessimism but listen from 19 mins on for her fantastic thoughts on current politics in America.


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