Review: Island Home

Island Home
Island Home by Tim Winton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The thing, or one of the things, about Tim Winton, is his voice. This memoir is one which covers lots of the landscape of the giant island, and that is what he feels Australia is about. That landscape has informed the culture, the attitudes and the inherent nature of the people, both indigenous and imported. This book gets better and better as it rolls along. I love it that he gets political, I totally agree with his stand on ANZAC and I’m sure that his views will upset some people, but for me his is spot on. Same with his concern for the environment and his attitudes there. The man is an Australian national treasure. (Along with Tim Minchin.) I love it that he is prepared to draw a line in the sand and state his views categorically.

I found his views on writing and the writers who informed his writing really fascinating. I’d love to hear him speak and this book is kind of like having him interviewed and given the chance to speak on topics dear to him. Basically I think he is a writer of genius and I would read anything he wrote, this is a nice kind of background to his books and I particularly thought about Eyrie while I was reading this. Great stuff.

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