Review: Remade

Remade by Alex Scarrow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked this so much more than I expected to, was hooked from page one and had to keep reading to find out what would happen to Leon and Grace. A virus is sweeping the world, people are dying in droves and within minutes of catching it. All that remains of the afflicted are bones and teeth and a gooey pool of yuck. There has never been a plague like it. It seems that it must be man made to kill with such ferocity. Leon and Grace are great characters, both having to deal with being new back in England after moving there from the USA. There is such a lot to deal with, and Mum is busy trying to hold it all together for them, earn money and deal with the divorce from their Dad. She is distracted and not paying proper attention her kids. It is all fine until the virus hits and then they are in the thick of a much bigger disaster. Will they even survive? And if they do, why them?

The science sounds authentic, the virus is horrendous, the characters are engaging and this is the first book in a series. A winner for teenagers looking for a non-zombie apocalypse! Bring me number 2 immediately!

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