Review: Blood Wedding

Blood Wedding
Blood Wedding by Pierre Lemaitre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I admit straight up that I’m a recent fan if this writer, I’m delighted to have found a new French crime writer to indulge in. This is a twisted story in lots of ways. Sophie feels that she is losing her mind, losing things, her keys, her car, her i.d. and maybe her mind. She feels rubbish. Sophie appears to have murdered a small child she was taking care of, she has no memory of doing this but his small dead body is what she encounters when she awakes. And she runs. Disappears and assumes false identities and lives her life in hiding.

Then half way through the book we meet Frantz and from the beginning it is clear that he is the person who has been tormenting Sophie. We hear his story, how he has been stalking Sophie and making her life a misery. But why? What is all this about?

An excellent crime mystery. Lots of twisty turns and the pace is great. It flicks back and forward in time depending on whose journal it is following, Sophie’s or Franz’s. Highly recommended for those who like dark interesting stories which differ from the usual police procedurals. A great mystery.

Thanks to NetGalley for giving me access to a galley of this book.

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