Review: Coming Home to Roost

Coming Home to Roost
Coming Home to Roost by Mary-Anne Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is a treat for me. Partly because I got to read it before it had a cover, when it was just a great big pile of A4 typed pages. I loved this story. I loved the people populating the pages, it feels like New Zealand, it feels just like the stories that students tell me of their lives, it feels homey and perfect and just exactly the kind of story that students need to be reading. They need stories of home. The need to read themselves. The need to have that feeling of home, Mary-Anne has captured the essence of the young NZ male and packaged him up, given him lots of great people he can learn from in his life and made an unpreachy but with good lessons book to read.

I’m a total fan of Mary-Anne Scott’s writing and I want her to be recognised as a person who is writing the stories that we need for young blokes. She is the next Fleur Beale, not that Fleur has gone, but she has that touch that Fleur has, she writes for boys and, damn it, boys need books like this. They need lots of books this and could you authors just get on and write some more for my boys and publishers just get them out there please!

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