Review: My Sister Rosa

My Sister Rosa
My Sister Rosa by Justine Larbalestier
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m bucking the trend scoring this a 3 rather than a 4-star rating. I did really like the story and I did feel empathy with Che and his quest to fulfil his list to stop Rosa from harming anybody, to get a girlfriend and to go home. Rosa, who is 10, is a problem, she has no empathy, she behaves badly and manipulatively and Che has become her guardian, restraining her from her most terrible urges. The parentals as they are called in the book, are weird. Very casual and under concerned about their children. Then there are the family friends, who are financing the lives of Che and his family. Why? This and other things had me wondering all the way through. There is a lot of suspense about what the awful Rosa will get up to next, who will be the next victim of her creepy ways? And this creeping menace is what kept me reading. But, it is slow moving, it really could have got a hurry along and I know that lots of ideas are being explored along the way, religion, sexuality, a culture of good deeds and lots of boxing ethics, but it is a long slow haul to the big deeds.

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