Review: Way Down Dark

Way Down Dark
Way Down Dark by James Smythe
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is really 3.5 stars. I was not completely convinced by this story for the first half, enjoyable and something different. A spacecraft called Australia has been sent off because terrible things had happened to the world and flying adrift trying to find somewhere to land, it’s been 400 odd years now since they left. Society has pretty well become a dog eat dog world by now and only the strong, the quick and the agile survive. Chan is the main character, and she is resourceful and very determined with a wonderful sense of social justice. There turn out to be a lot of secrets on the ship, secrets which change the course of their lives. Good twists and turns and what I really liked were the descriptions of the structure of the ship.

I hadn’t realised when I bought this book that it was YA and was kind of surprised by it, which is great, but it isn’t perfect especially at the beginning, but it is good. I will buy the second one, I definitely have an audience for the book at school. And most of all, thank goodness for something a bit different!

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