Review: The Bricks that Built the Houses

The Bricks that Built the Houses
The Bricks that Built the Houses by Kate Tempest
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Best book of the year so far! Harry, Becky, Pete and Leon. Their families, their lives and their world has been so good to be immersed in. I’ve read it slowly but in big chunks. It is a hard book to write about. There are drugs, lots of drugs and the stories of the people involved in that world. This book is really harsh but is also very hopeful, as I was reading it I kept thinking of all the people I wanted to read it so that I could talk about it with them. I felt that these characters had become dear to me and I wanted other people to share them with. I loved the language, the descriptions, the poetic way that some passages demand to be re-read and examined. This is the very best of contemporary writing.

This is a novel about a particular side of London, I could feel that Kate Tempest really understood the places she was writing about, the nightclubs, the rich guys snorting enormous quantities, sending the money straight up their noses. The people who supply the drugs and how risky it all is. But this is so much more than all that, this is a novel of fear, love, attraction, home and power. Looking forward to the next Kate Tempest novel and heading to YouTube to watch her perform.

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