Review: When Friendship Followed Me Home

When Friendship Followed Me Home
When Friendship Followed Me Home by Paul Griffin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It took me far too long to read this lovely book. I kept being distracted by other books along the way, it is a book that needs your uninterrupted attention because it is full of lots of feels and you need to get the full impact of them by devoting undistracted reading time to the story. While it is definitely sad, it is also definitely funny. There are lots of lovely touches – abandoned dog and an abandoned boy, a school librarian who is awesome, a sick girl who is fighting to stay well despite incredible odds, a mum who is gay as well as bereaved and a magician. That isn’t the lot by any stretch, the cast of characters is quite something, each of them loveable and quirky.

I think this would be a great read aloud to your class book. There is such a lot going on, but it is gently told and deals with really heavy subjects with a light touch.

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