Review: The Fireman

The Fireman
The Fireman by Joe Hill
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A virus has hit the world, it appears first as dragon scales on the skin of the victims, this then leads to them self-combusting. Nobody knows how it is spreading but it is spreading fast. The world is burning as fires break out everywhere. Our heroine is Harper, she is a school nurse and is one of the nicest characters you could ever meet, constantly seeing the good in people and being the perfect volunteer and helper when the hospital system breaks down. A fireman arrives with a young deaf boy and their conversation begins a long lasting connection. It is a big story, there are lots of connecting story threads and

This is a really big book, it is a bit too long and at times it does drag a bit, but you can skip along through those bits. I forgave this because I loved Harper, Renee and Nick so much. I’m also always a fan of a plague novel. Reading it reminded me a little bit of The Passage and some Stephen King I’ve read in the past, that isn’t a bad thing. You could pick it to pieces if you wanted, there is that scope, but if you read for character and story then it has plenty to give. There is a hint at the end that this is not the last of this story.

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