Review: The Severed Land

The Severed Land
The Severed Land by Maurice Gee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Maurice Gee can write a decent fantasy that is for sure! Some of the best things about his books is that they are not over written nor overly long. He is the master of showing not telling. This book is just heaving at the seams with rollicking action. Great characters who have missions to complete and once the story really gets going there is wall to wall action.

A wall divides the land, a wall of some kind of impenetrable substance which only very few are able to pass through. On one side of the land war between several tribes rages, on the other side of the wall, where the man who holds the wall up with his mind lives there is a kind of peace. Fliss is tasked with taking care of a young man who is one of a tribe at war with another, he is being hunted by a man who wants to kill him, he is Kirt. His sister is being held by one of the tribes and he is desperate to save her, but she is also important to Fliss because she is the only person who will be able take over the task of keeping up the wall. Fliss needs to safely get herself, Kirt and his sister back through the wall and save their world.

I don’t think it is a perfect book, but it is full of action and will definitely appeal to those who want a great fantasy with an interesting world which feels ancient but yet familiar and which is short and easily digested.

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