Review: Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology
Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has the most gorgeous cover! You can’t help but keep running your fingers over the hammer of Thor on the cover. Inside the book is the story of how the hammer was made and this was one of my favourite stories. I have never been much for mythology but the fact that Neil Gaiman wrote this and I did an audio version, with Neil reading it to me, made it a really enjoyable reading experience. The book takes various myths and puts a Gaiman spin on them and makes them relatable, enjoyable and loads of fun. Even though really rather disgusting things happen to the gods at regular intervals you can’t help but enjoy the stories of how they play nasty tricks on each other, always try to get the upper hand and do ridiculous trades with each other. The dwarfs and the gods are constantly battling for supremacy, it is all good fun.

This is a real crossover book, it will work for kids who are keen, maybe a good place to move the Percy Jackson crew to, but a really enjoyable book for adults too.

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