Review: One of Us Is Lying

One of Us Is Lying
One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thoroughly enjoyed this story. There is a real trend at the moment for books which have a group of teenagers and which tell the story from their multiple perspectives. This isn’t always my favourite way for a story to be told, but in this case it works really well. There are only four protagonists, they are each distinctive and they are all engaging.

5 teenagers get detention, within minutes one of them is dead. Of course, it turns out that all of the remaining four have a motive and all of them could have done it, there is motive, opportunity and intent, but they will tell you themselves that they didn’t do it. This is a really clever whodoneit, nicely complicated and super fast moving. I got terribly caught up in this story and was really surprised at the big reveal. The pace is just right and the tone is perfect. It is as good as any of the crime novels I’ve read this year and a really good read for a YA audience. I’m really excited about talking to my students about this novel. I’ll be buying multiple copies.

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