Review: Game Theory

Game Theory
Game Theory by Barry Jonsberg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m admitting right now that I am a Barry Jonsberg fan, I like the kids he writes about, they all have some fairly dramatic stuff happening in their lives that they need to overcome and they do that in an exciting way. This book has more of that flavour. Jamie is mathsy and logical and a fan of Game Theory, he applies this to his problem and goes for the win. The problem is that his sister has been kidnapped after his other sister, the flakey Summerlee has won a humongous amount of money on Lotto. The kidnapper is contacting Jamie and making him responsible for the safe delivery back of his sister. It is a clever ploy. Jamie uses whatever is at his disposal, from his only friend to Summerlee’s awful boyfriend. There is a whole heap of stuff going on all the time. There are a few tiny clunky moments but it is all forgivable as the exciting race to the finish keeps you turning pages trying to figure out who exactly the kidnapper is and trying to eliminate the red herrings. Great book for boys!

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