Review: The Dark Lake

The Dark Lake
The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great book this, it is a murder mystery set in small town Australia, a town where everyone has secrets and things they need to hide, this includes Gemma Woodstock the lead detective on the case. A teacher at the local high school has been murdered and her body found in the lake. She is someone who was in Gemma’s class at school and there is history between them. While she is working on the case, having an affair with her police partner and raising her small son, Gemma is pretty stretched. Her relationship is crumbling and the pressure of all of the stuff going on for her is taking a toll.

This is a nicely complicated crime novel, Gemma is the kind of troubled detective character that I really like her past informs her present and the alternating chapters between the past and the present tell her back story. Sometimes this can be annoying but I found it nicely . The characters in the town are very realistic and Gemma’s dealings with them all ring true. The suspense builds nicely and the pace picks up as the conclusion draws near. Great book.

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  1. whew, just finished it …..couldn’t stop! in a way it shows how there is such a bias towards male killers , sorry spoiler alert. I especially like too the author’s statement in her acknowledgements about how writing a book is a strange behaviour and how she might just do it again.

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