Last Pick by Jason Walz

lastpickThis is a really well done graphic novel for junior high school students. Plenty of issues, lots of big decisions to be made by a brother and sister who are desperately trying to save the world from an alien invasion. It is seat of your pants stuff! They have limited time, few resources and a fiery determination. Especially Sam, she is full of guts and grit. Wyatt however is a thinker, he is unusual and has trouble with social skills but is resourceful. Sam feels responsible for Wyatt now that their parents have been taken by the aliens. I love the bond between the siblings their fight against the evil aliens is epic and full of drama. Plenty of tension and good relationships, this is great!

The art is great, nice to see something not too designed and smooth and computer rendered looking. It has a good grungy look. This is definitely a book for the school library.


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