The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay

cabinThis wasn’t really what I expected. One of those horror books which starts with a golden scene, a lovely little girl collecting grasshoppers in front of the cabin where her family have gone on holiday. A man arrives, you start to hear the sinister music soundtrack in your head that the characters never seem to hear and you know it is to turn to custard.

I loved the men in this story, I loved reading a story where the gay men were just ordinary nice men, where the family was always referred to as a family and not stereotyped or cookie cutter. They were so nicely written, I loved their moments of affection in the midst of terrible troubles. I loved their relationship with their daughter.

This is a nicely written story, one which gave me lots to think about and it preyed on my mind a lot while I was reading it, I was rushing to get back to it. I really enjoyed the structure, the way that the author gradually revealed the nature of the interlopers. It made me think about the way that you could construe an apocalypse and use the media to help you create a myth. It made me think about the nature of online groups, how those people who feel isolated can find others to share their weirdnesses, for both good and evil. How sometimes even the nicest people can become caught up in plots which turn their heads.

I did not love the rushed explanation at the end of the book, I needed more of a drawn out moment of revelation. Even thought it was ultimately a satisfying ending, it could have been better handled. All in all this is great.


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