Month: January 2019

An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good by Helene Tursten (Marlaine Delargy, Translator)

This book was one of those ones that comes along right when you need it. I was scouting through my shelves looking for a light hearted, cosy mystery, nicely bloodless (or nearly) crime and couldn’t find one, hopped onto Netgalley and there was this little treat. And just look at the gorgeous cover! Yay! In the best traditions of these things there is quirky elderly lady and as it goes with these, she is inherently not at all as she seems! 

Maude is to all outward appearances a typically meek, pleasant and frail elderly woman. This belies a gritty determination to get her own way at whatever cost. She will take you can strike you down if you look at her the wrong way. She is a murderous and scheming, not to be tampered with woman, but you’d never know it just to look at her. Maude will let no stone go unturned in her mission to ‘get you gone’ if you irritate her. Don’t be messing with her! She has lived in her apartment all her life, she will not be moved, any attempt to make her do so will result in your demise. And she’ll be creative about it!

This has a very Scandinavian sense of humour about it and I really enjoyed it. It is short, nasty and compellingly readable.