Queenstown – cold but lovely

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I’m just back from a lovely weekend away with my partner in Queenstown and surrounds.  What a treat.  We did not much, but what we did do was very relaxing and we had a good time.  Queenstown has much to recommend it.  The scenery is totally gorgeous, high rocky towering mountains, big tree covered hills right in the middle of town.  Yes, there are heaps of tourists and I know that turns off lots of people but for me they add to the feeling that you are in a gorgeous place, they wouldn’t come in their droves if it wasn’t good would they?

If you don’t have much money there are some fanblimmintastic things you can do in Queenstown and here are some:

1.  Go to the Salvation Army Shop on Lower Shotover Street.  They have second hand designer clothes at fantastic prices.  It truly is a great place.  The staff are friendly, it is warm and you will come out with something lovely.  For me a great black jumper and for Lesley Doosh pants and a Country Road shirt.  Nice shopping for $30.00.

2. Take yourself on a lovely walk along the shores of Lake Wakatipu on the Kelvin Heights side.  The sun shines on that side of the lake hours after it has finished on the Queenstown side, all those magnificent hills have a big drawback when it comes to sunshine hours!  The walk is lovely, there are fantastic crabapple trees and the views of the amazing houses on the lakefront are pretty stellar, well you are actually walking in their front gardens.  It’s nice, the people are friendly, the sun warm if a little watery and you can hear bellbirds and fantails in the trees.  Nice.

3.  Go driving and look at the houses – I mean seriously, these are some houses.  It is interesting to drive around and look at the total luxury of these places.  Some of them aren’t even lived in for large chunks of the year.  They are architects dreams and it is staggering to think that so much money has been poured into somewhere that you want to have for a few weeks a year.

4.  Go to Arrowtown and browse the shops.  More on that in another post.

5.  Sit around in your luxurious unit, use someones electricity to heat it up cosy and warm, watch movies on Sky TV that you wouldn’t have paid to go to, have a spa bath while your partner watches the rugby and read three books.  Well that’s what we did.  Bit of browsing in the shops, lovely sale at D.T.Carter for Lesley (only the scarves they sell fit me!) a lovely shop with truly lustworthy knitwear and stylings.

6.  Wander around town, check out the rich people.  Spot the celebrities, look at the enormous number of junk food outlets and pubs and sporting goods shops.  Wander up, wander down.  Notice the people on the hire Segways (that is pretty cool).

7.  Lounge around and read lots of books in an exotic location.  Good times.

Spamalot – Bayfield Style

My darling son is about to tread the boards again in the Bayfield High School Musical.  Tonight they were featured on our local news on Channel 9.  Having watched lots of the YouTube clips of Spamalot I’m looking forward to seeing the show preformed by the Bayfield troupe.  Opening night is Wednesday and the Dress Rehearsal for a local intermediate school is on tomorrow, the show runs until Saturday night.

You can see the clip of the interview starring the marvelous ‘other’ son Ethan in a kingly moment in this report.  Below an image from the clip but you will have to go the the link to see it.


I was cruising round the blogs and found this cute thing.  It’s a meme, cos it’s been doing the rounds, ages ago I think, but it’s new to me.  You are supposed to use one word to answer the questions, turns out I’m crap at that, so under Bridget rules you have to use three.  I changed the questions to be more me!  Have a go, show me your answers.

Cosy place?  Bed, book, partner

Breakfast today?  Coffee of course

Hair colour?  Salt and Pepper

Your family?  Always good fun

What are you not?  Thin and tall

Where were you last night?  Watching Big Bang

Where will you be tomorrow night?  At Lemon Briefcase

What is on your wish list?  Carpet Kitchen Heatpump

What was the last thing you did? Make macaroni cheese

What are you wearing? Lots of polarfleece!!

Favourite TV programme? Big Bang Theory

Goal for tonight?  Big deep bath!

Literary hero? John Green (sorry only two words and it’s always changing)

What do you hope?  My kids happy

Your mood? Ecstatic, Enthusiastic, Bouncy

Your computer? Lovely Apple Macbook

This year’s goal?  Kitchen nightmare banished

Your car? Karen, Toyota Carib

Favourite place at your place?  My big bath!

Currently reading?  Three Cups of Tea (it’s four words but what can I do!)

3 Favourite belongings? Lesley, Family, Raisin (not really belongings!)

Last CD purchased? Paramore latest cd

Last book purchased?  Waltz with Bashir

Favourite colour? Bright and bold

Favourite sport? Dancing at parties

Current obsession?  Too many cashews

Resolution? Walk to work

Feeling right now? Bewildered, Brilliant, Blind

Thing you need to do this week?  Door draught stopping

That’s enough now!  It would be fun to make a library one I think.  Might do that soon.  Go on, have a go, post it in the comments.

Raisin the wondercat

I thought it time that the lovely Raisin made an appearance.

Mr Raisin

Raisin's Natural habitat

Full Name:  Raisin Aitchison-Schaumann

Age: 8 human years

Address:  The same as my feed-person

Married to: Tessa (really!)

Hobbies and Interests:  Lying – on beds, compost bins, paths, bbqs.  Eating, tormenting the two dogs who live next door, endeavoring to access the feed-persons bed during the night to get the warmest bit. Purring for no apparent reason. Watching compost insects for hours.  Meeting the feed-persons car when she comes home from work with very loud raucous miaowing.  Having cat friends over via the catflap which Raisin can’t use but which other cats are really good at using, then letting those friends squirt around the house and eat Raisin food.  Partial to hair licking. particularly partial to people who use certain hair products, one of the less attractive habits.

Something interesting about Raisin:  Born to abandoned solo mum in a coalbox in Alexandra.

Something else interesting:  My siblings or past siblings  names all start with an R. Rupert, Rover, Ruby and the sadly deceased Roxy (identical twin).

Testimonial:  Raisin is beloved by all from his household.  He loves it when there are feed-persons daughters home so that he received the attention that he knows he deserves.  He is in a long distance relationship with his wife and is not totally committed to her because he believes that Megan is of equal importance.  Nick is reluctant to express his true feelings for Raisin in a public forum (but we all know the true depth of his affection).  Raisin is a cat of good character despite several bad habits and is loyal and loving.

Alexandra. Blossom Capital of NZ

Apricot Blossom
Just back from Alexandra where the trees are smothered in blossom. Blossom Festival ages away yet, but someone forgot to tell the trees.
Returned with two Graham Thomas roses curtesy of Helen across the road from Mum and Dad and three sacks full of sheep poo. Fantastic stuff for the compost and the garden. Can’t wait to get out there and spread it around.
Mum also gave me some totally gorgeous white and baby blue muscari.
Great to see the parentals and the sister and co.