The adventures of a cardboard box

This is really cute.  A little boy and his sister find lots of wonderful things to do with a cardboard box.  Reminded me of when my kids were little and the fun they had with moving boxes and the like.

“Filmed entirely on a cell phone, this short film relates the adventures a child can find from just a cardboard box and an imagination. Filmed in Bergen, Norway by Temujin Doran. (via Laughing Squid)”


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The King’s Speech – a truly great movie

It isn’t very often that I see the award winning movies before they win their awards but this one, and quite a few of the winners of Golden Globes this year, I did.  We went to it the other night and had a truly good movie experience.  The acting is just superb.  All the actors are perfectly cast, and they give performances which are out of the box.  Colin Firth as the poor Bertie, terrified of being King and supported by his loving wife Elizabeth, crippled with a debilitating speech impediment which leaves him terrified of speaking publicly.  This movie is moving and gripping. The relationship between the speech therapist and his unusual ways and his wonderful attitude to the royals and particularly Bertie is just grand.  This movie is really a parade of fabulous actors doing wonderful things.  Everything about the movie is right.

The story of Wallace Simpson and Edward has always interested me and this is explored a little bit during the movie – I’d really like a new movie about this relationship. I love stories about human frailties and imperfections especially when they are about royals who are somewhat mysterious to us and about whose lives we are only allowed snippets of information.

This is a movie to own.  Don’t wait for the DVD, head out to the movies, enjoy the atmosphere, the costumes and the sheer power of fabulous acting.

Loved it to bits.

Website for the film is here.

Burlesque – the movie

Last night a group of lovely women headed off for a big night on the town to see this movie.  We were most excitable, not so much for the movie but more for the Burlesque show that preceded it.  Drinkies at Pequeno – love that bar!  Then we headed to the show.  A bunch of beauties strutted their stuff, waggled their wobbly bits and tittivated us with their – well you know what bits.  It was fun, it was classy and they were really good.  We watched the movie then headed back to Pequeno for more laughter and chats.  An excellent evening.

Now on to the movie, well luckily the first scene was by far the worst.  It couldn’t get any worse than that opening scene to be sure, horrible very bad acting.  I thought I might have to harm myself if the whole movie was going to be that bad, why on earth didn’t they re-do that scene?   The costumes are amazing, Christina Aguelera certainly has a grand old voice on her but I think she should probably sing for her living rather than act.  Cher is – well she is Cher, exactly the same as she always is in every movie, but likeable as always too.  Stanley Tucci is just lovely and he alone is worth the price of the ticket.  Some of the songs in this are downright ordinary and very long, but for a girls night out it was a ‘just fine’ movie.

If you love campy costumey musicals this will be a must, do not expect great drama, but it is a bit of fluff which is fairly fun.  You will see every single cliche rolled out and you will have the story figured out in about the first 10 minutes, but what the hey, it is a frothy frilly thing!


“Lucky finds himself in a bind, and he’s going to have to pull off more than a Houdini act to get himself out of this one.”

Watch this video!  It is very full on!  Excitement all the way!  The music by The Sleepy Jackson is excellent, and the writer and director is Nash Edgerton it is produced by Brooke Wilson.  He is Blue Tongue films who did Animal Kingdom which I am so desperate to see, and there are a whole bundle more clips on their YouTube channel and they are very entertaining watching.  I recommend.

Luis – creepy sinister and mysterious

This is so sad and beautifully sinister.  This movie recently won the big YouTube competition. The film-makers (Luis (2008) by Niles Atallah, Joaquin Cociña, Cristóbal León) are Chilean and this is the second of their films featuring Luis.  Turn your sound up so that you can hear the breathing.

I’ve just read a book called The courage consort where the main character in the book hears screaming nightly from  the forest where the house she is staying in is located, this video was in my mind when I was reading it.

SYNOPSIS: Luis talks about his life in the forest and his relationship with Lucía. He appears in charcoal on the walls of a room filled with broken objects that constantly shift around. Little by little the room clears up as the objects return to their proper places.


If you are a fan of the action movie, one which toys with your mind, one which keeps you guessing until the final moment as the credits start to roll, get thee to see this movie.  It is a high tension, sit on the edge of your seat and ‘did I really see that’ kind of movie.  On the way into the theatre the ticket seller told us she had seen it 5 times and was still seeing new things, we thought that a very good sign.

It is made by Christopher Nolan who made the last Batman movie which I also really enjoyed a couple of years ago,  I had dragged the boychild out for the evening and Batman was his movie choice,  I wasn’t expecting to like it myself at all.  So Inception has that same dark sinister feel, and cross that with James Bond and you are getting near how this movie feels.  Interestingly the characters are less important than the story and you could argue that they don’t acquire your sympathy very much at times, but I don’t think that is really a flaw in the movie, it feels like you have a kind of business like relationship with these guys.  My fave was Joseph Gordon-Levit I thought he was just so snarky cool, and beautifully dressed to boot. Loved the banter with him and the other guys.

Lots of folk have said that you need to concentrate and that it is difficult to follow but I didn’t find that.  I was completely tensed up and anxiety ridden and still haven’t figured out where we were at the end, but that is exactly what they wanted.  I was probably the target audience.  Excellent movie and I am going to see it again.

The Girl Who Played with Fire – the movie

It is a terrifying thing to go to the movie of a book you absolutely loved.  This book kept me up very late at night, I was totally engrossed in this book and the characters were so cool check the posting on it.  So, going to the movie was a bit scary, would it live up to my expectations?  Would they ruin it with cinematic tinkering?  No they didn’t.  I really enjoyed it.  I don’t know how you would cope if you hadn’t read the book, there is a lot of stuff happening in this and they certainly left out quite a lot of the detail, but man there is such a lot of detail in those books and I guess they had to.

Look it isn’t as good as the first movie, but it is a close second and I really liked it once I got back into the groove, and the fabulous woman who plays the main character is just perfect, when I grow up I’m going to be like her, great love scene too actually.