To This Day Project

I’m just gonna leave this here for now, because I want to come back to it later. There is a picture book coming out based on this and that is what drew it to my attention.  In the meantime it is a powerful and beautiful poem.


To be or not to be ….

That is the question.  Take a look at this marvelous treat.  A joy and a delight and featuring lots of fave folks from British theater and other realms. So clever and so witty.

<p><a href=”″>'To be or not to be_' featuring Benedict Cumberbatch &amp; Prince Charles – Shakespeare Live! – BBC</a> from <a href=”″>Mai Martin</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I’ve had trouble getting this to format properly so excuse the embed code above.

Stuff no one told me

This is just so wise, so sweet, so moving and so lovely.  Saw it on Facebook today and went hunting for more information about the artist and his work.  Here is his blog.  I think, that really the thing to do, is just to watch this lovely video, then go and stalk the blog.  Tell me this doesn’t move you and then I will tell you that you are cold, made of ice… frozen.


Regrets – I’ve had a few

I had a lovely day at work the other day. Left to my own devices on teacher only day.  All the staff in meetings all the students out at work day, and me processing books in the workroom with the iPad playing lots of TED talks I haven’t had time to listen to in ages.  Lovely.   I loved this TED talk by Kathryn Schultz on the topic of regret.  As the sort of person who has often gone… Should have? Why didn’t I? Could I have?  This talk really spoke to me about how crazy that is.  But it also reminds me that regret keeps you honest, it keeps you a good person and it makes you think of others.  I’ll be watching more of Kathryn Schultz.