Library Links 2011

With the most recent at the top, this is my record of links, blogs, websites and assorted library related information I want to keep a record of.  There are also lots of links on my Delicious – link on the sidebar – many of these come from other library folk, Twitter, Facebook pages and assorted blogs that I follow.  I think libraries are about sharing so if you find something you like, something you can use or something that rings true for you then so take it with you.

Char Booth (her blog is Info-mational) presents at the ACRL 2011 The talk is called The Librarian As Situated Educator:  Instructional Literacy and Participation in Communitys of Participation.  This woman is my new library heroine,  I’m officially a big fan.  “All librarians are educators” all librarians, regardless of where they practice.  Yes that is right.  Right right right.  “you can make any subject engaging by the energy you bring to it”  We have to learn to teach on our own, we are not taught to teach.  We are met with confused expectations by our colleagues and those we work with.  There is such a lot of stuff to take from this talk.  There are a bunch of Tweets with the hashtag acrl201.  I’ve only made it half way through the talk and already I’ve learned heaps and heaps, and had lots of chances to have a good think.  This is good good stuff.  9/5/11

Check out these gorgeous bookshelves.  It would be so cool to have the Read one in my library.  I’m very wanty.

This wonderful post – from the equally wonderful Alice in Info land is a great reminder about what School Librarians do, how they do it and how they need to keep growing.  Originally from 2003 it really still stands up fine.  Read it and think about your practice and take in the headings.  Excellent IMHO!  Food to be getting along with for me, especially as research skills loom and I want to rejig my standard – this is what we do in the library thing. 8/2/2011

Check out the EDtalks from Core Education.  Lots of interesting speakers here – Ann Tolley not so much.  Ive just watched Chris Betcher presenting one and it was great.  All about not putting education into boxes, very Ken Robinson actually and I enjoyed his style.  Love his blog.  Betchablog

Oh how I love Emily Gravett’s picture books.  I buy them for the library because they are for everyone not just little kids.  Big kids, very big kids like me, love them enormously.  Here is a wonderful insight into the art in the books by The Guardian. If you haven’t every encountered her work then this is a little taster which will send you to a bookshop to find one of the books (some of the books) to buy for someone (or yourself)

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