This is just gorgeous.  Lovely lovely music and the art is delicious.  I particularly love the dancing fish and also the little references to famous artists.  Turn your sound up and sit back and watch this lovely thing.  Have I said lovely enough?

The music is by Sanders Bohlke and if you click here you can have more!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

In yet another stupendously good talk the combination of Denis Dutton, a professor of philosophy and the editor of Arts and Letters Daily (also stupendously good) with the wonderful artist from RSA Andrew Park, whose work has featured on here more than once.  (Link to the Daniel Pink one I loved so much, and here is the one to the Ken Robinson talk.) There is another one on this blog too, but I have temporarily misplaced it.  Will put in a link when I find it here is a very interesting way to spend 18 minutes.

There is a bit of weirdness in the html code for the video so just ignore this bit down here and head to the video.

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What really happened to the dinosaurs

This is the cutest little movie, show your kids, they’ll love it.  By Canadian Munro Fergusson it is called How Dinosaurs Learned To Fly.  It is one of quite a few available from the National Film Board of Canada, there are others that are really worth watching too.  Go check them out at the animated ones are here.  The one about the girl who hated books is really good too.

Sorry the embed code for this isn’t working.  Click here for the video.