The great reveal – my new kitchen

Finally, an evening with a little time while I wait for a coat of paint to dry in the back bedroom so that I can add the finishing touches to the skirting boards.

I tried to get photos to load in two batches, with the old kitchen pics, then another slide show of the new ones but I can’t get that to work properly.  So, here are some photos of the old kitchen.

You are seeing the entire amount of benchspace I had.  I could reach across the whole thing from one side to the other and that included the sink. The oven was very leaky of hot air and the space was all in all not a fun space to cook in.

Here it is – drumroll please – the new kitchen!

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Check out the lights!  The flying donuts, aren’t they just the uber coolest things?  Yes they are!  The whole thing is lovely, the blue is a little bit funky and the red is a little bit bold.  Very pleased with the splashback and pleased also that the taps from the old kitchen have been saved and re-used in the new one.  The blackboard cupboard is cool and I’m looking forward to my visitors writing on it.

There are a little few jobs still to be done, shelves in the top cupboards, side panels on the high cupboard and a cupboard door for the cupboard next to the oven.  I have owned the oven since I bought the house and it has been stored at the appliance shop for the last four years, I’m really pleased with it, you can’t buy an oven with a separate grill any more.  So, there you go.  Thanks to Lesley for her uber commitment to project management (and the rent money) and Al for his wonderful building skills.  You guys rock.

One of the big bonuses is the sun.  I had a little sun before, but the sun now is really bright, the whole place is warmed up by afternoon sun, to the point when the other day when I fell asleep on the carpet I nearly expired from heat exhaustion!  That is a very good thing in Sunny Dunedin.

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Chez Bridget

The work in progress!  It is coming along, been feeling a bit bad about the palace this week.  Mysterious smell seeping from the bad pipe beneth the bench.  Sigh.  One day there will be a new kitchen and that will not be a problem anymore.

The little house on Marlow

The little house on Marlow

One of those days

Look It Up!

Look It Up!

I mean, not a free period all day, ate my lunch while doing interviews with boys, walked to the canteen for emergency lollycake, then back to the onslaught.  Was full on.  Year 8 interviews in the library after school and I was at a meeting about wikieducator, which was pretty cool actually, but library total tip from exams, classes, lunchtime and the latest craze of tearing up paper to tiny pieces and throwing them all over the place.  Sigh.