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In the meantime … Enjoy Dot!

I am currently getting a new kitchen.  My house is in disarray, it will be wonderful when it is finished but at the moment it is a bit of a wilderness in here.  In the meantime I think you should watch Dot.  This is a very cool video by Nokia shot with a microscope camera.  Details on the YouTube site.  I love all the details in this and think it most clever and entertaining.

Dunedin – we’ve got it all wrapped up!

Here is a link to the Otago Daily Times Online Edition where you can watch an example of one of the things Dunedin is famous for – student antics.  See the article above for the details and I’ll embed the video but this is really cool, and gets better towards the end when you start to realise exactly how much work these guys have done.  Funny!  Great soundtrack too!

While Chang is away, the boys will play. This is exam procrastination at its best.
With much tin foil (around 600m), and hard work (over 30 hours), this is what human-kind can create. Enjoy!