Penguin Dilemmas

Via Neatorama

This is very cute.  Two Cute, funny penguin couple overcome an obstacle in the rainy, windy elements. Shot near Volunteer Point in the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean by Carole Anne (babers201) and Ron.

Penguin: Ooh, look, the ground is gone here!
Penguin: It’s water.
Penguin: But not deep enough to swim in.
Penguin: What will we ever do?
Penguin: I’ll have to think about that a bit.
Penguin: Look, maybe we could …walk through it!
Penguin: I don’t know, that doesn’t look right.
Penguin: Give it a try!
Penguin: I believe I will …jump!
Penguin: Now you’re just showing off.
Penguin: Well, your idea of walking through it may be for the best.
Penguin: Hey look! Mud! Whee!


Grover does the Old Spice Ads

“Look at yourself, then back to me, sadly you are not a monster.”  So cute.

Here is a Grover doing his version of the Old Spice ads.  There is certainly something rather fetching about a muppet in a shower scene!  Grover explores the word on in this one, and provides a new version of the old spice ads which have previously been explored on here in their original and library incarnations.