Classy Ambrosia

Nectar of the gods, ambrosia is heaven on a spoon

Summer deserts are all about fresh fruit for me.  This is a made up recipe, well it is really just a method and you can play around with it as you wish, adjust to whatever fruit you have available, you could make it with apricots (and apricot yoghurt), rhubarb etc.

In a nice big bowl put in the bottom good thick berry yoghurt, over the top sprinkle some marshmallows, over these layers add a pile of berries, it doesn’t matter what type and I used frozen this time but fresh is best.

In another bowl mix together whipped cream and a small pottle of cream cheese with a couple of desert spoons of icing sugar and some vanilla, this is your next layer then repeat the layers in so far as you have room.  Ending up with a good layer of the cream cheese mixture on the top.  Decorate with some spare marshmallows.  I have a new microplane chocolate grater so everything I make has grated chocolate on it at the moment, therefore this desert has grated chocolate!


Holiday Hot Cake with Eggnog Cream (not as disgusting as it sounds)

Thank you Nigella!  This is from Nigella Express.

mmmmm Nigella

mmmmm Nigella

This is a self-saucing pudding.  We are having it tonight because I am cooking a roast and it will go nicely into the oven when I take the roast out – at about 10pm tonight (timing not being my forte)

150g flour, 100g light brown sugar, and 200g extra, 1tsp baking powder, 2tsp of ground ginger, 2 tsp of mixed spice.  – Put everything except half of the ginger and half of the mixed spice and the extra measure of sugar in a bowl and mix.  It should be the bowl you are going to cook it in.  Add 125ml of full fat milk, 60ml of oil, 1 egg.  Mix all together.

Sprinkle over the top put the extra measure of sugar, the extra spices all mixed together.  Put 6 tsp of butter in dots all over the top and pour over 500ml of water.  Bake at 220 degrees.  Stand 10 min before serving (yeah right!)  Serve with cream wisked up with advocaat.  (or not)