The student flats of Dunedin immortalised

A flatters paradise (from the set) by Sarah Gallagher

If you have ever been a student in Dunedin you will recognise some of the photos in the links below.   They are from a Flickr collection called My Flat Your Flat Our Place and I think they are a cool collection they are from SteveandSarah (Sarah Gallagher, ex-Scarfie, librarian, web junkie, flat names archivist as she states about herself on the site). Sarah is writing a book about the flats and how they got their names.  Great idea, it is very cool

Here is the blurb that goes with them and there is more on Flickr if you want to check them out.  There is even a Facebook page.

“The creation of identity and a sense of place was not at the forefront of my mind in 1991 when my flatmates and I named our flat Mouse House. It was because we wanted to name it something, and our flat was infested with mice.

Nine years later, an exploration into the history of print culture in New Zealand while studying through library school provided a lens through which to view the ephemeral nature of the student flat names, names that colourfully dotted my then community of North Dunedin. Some names endured but many instances of this print phenomenon were fleeting. I was intrigued, and continue to be, by the names, the materials used to build the signs, and the stories behind them. The creation of identity and a sense of place was not at the forefront of my mind in 1991 when my flatmates and I named our flat Mouse House. It was because we wanted to name it something, and our flat was infested with mice”.

Go check it out, it is really cool, and there will be some great stories from the flats of both the past and the present.

Maybe the most famous flat's front door. Photo by Sarah Gallagher

Jules Lund’s photographic adventure

Look how pretty it is down here Dunedin way.  This came to me via DunedinNZ’s Facebook page, and I am impressed.  Actually because of them I won tickets to Wuthering Heights on Saturday night but more on that later.  Sometimes when you live in Dunedin you forget how marvellous it is.  Luckily we import people from overseas to show us, including my friend Adrienne from the fantastic blog on the sidebar here, Dunedin Is For Lovers.  I love this clip, just look at the gorgeousness of it all, and notice that the new sculpture polluting our shoreline isn’t mentioned in here.  Oh yes I know some like it, there really is not accounting for taste, but Dunedin and her surrounds are pretty danm pretty and we have some great places to go see which are really close to town and won’t kill you to get there.  I probably need to rule out Sandfly Bay here as the trip out will actually come close to killing you.  Anyway check out this video.

UPDATE:  The video has been removed from YouTube.  That’s a bit sad.

An Autumn Sunset

Check this out!  Tonight Dunedin looked totally gorgeous, well nothing new there.  Anyway at 6.30 pm this evening, when I raced outside, burning the dinner at the same time, the view on the right was what you could see from Marlow Street in St Kilda in our fair city.  I imagine that if you lived on a hill you would have had an even more spectacular sight, but I live on the flat – and I can hear the sea.  Not always a comforting thought as the sea eats away the coastline here, and the occasional tsunami threatens, but great for wandering along the beach – when I remember to.

Hopefully it is yet again “a red sky at night – shepherds delight” kind of thing, the weather here has been just great.  Lots of holiday time for sitting out in the sun with friends having a quiet wine or a big mug of coffee.  Earlier in the evening L and I had been sitting on the deck marvelling at the blue sky and the fact that there was not a breath of wind.  Very unusual for the time of year.  We  headed off to the video shop to get something to watch after Top Model – I have to watch it for tips for my modeling tomorrow, so it is considered swot!  Anyway we noted that in Dunedin we are so excited when the weather throws us a gorgeous day that all around the streets there were people whipping out their shorts and singlet tops in excitement that they get to wear their summer clothes for another day before heading back into their puffer jackets.  For me, the fact that there is warmth is a big bonus, it makes the paint dry faster between coats.  Photos of that project to come later.