Weird book titles – 14 of the best

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With treasures like this (which is one of the more tasteful ones) there are some awesomely brilliant books in this collection.  A little piece of awesome on a cold Friday night.

I’m eyeing up Ruby’s furry coat in a crafty way right now.


Best simple idea – and recycling too

This is just the most simple, and practical and why the heck didn’t I think of this idea I’ve seen in ages.  Those little bread holder things drive me crazy, all those plugs plugged into all those multiboards – oh yes I know the safety thing, don’t lecture me cos I know.  The fact of the matter is that there are four plugs plugged into the multibox behind my tv.  One for the tv, one for the dvd player, one for the stereo radio thing and one for the elderly video player which should go to the place that you send elderly video players, and would, only I don’t know where that is.  Anyway I pull out a plug and then wait to see which thing turns off, cos I can’t figure out which plug is which.  Those days are over.  I will now have to go and buy bread just for the taggs.  I’m very impressed with this idea.  It came to me via the Core Education Facebook page but they got it from here.

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World economic collapse explained:

Everything you ever wondered about in terms of world debt and who owes what to whom is succulently explained in this sketch by John Clarke and Brian Dawe.  You can probably find the succinct answer to any other burning question on their other videos.  Everything from Immigration to the politics of the Rugby World Cup are here for your viewing pleasure or at least the Dawe and Clarke take on it.  Very entertaining.

Simon’s cat saves the day

It has been a bit of a week!

Partner in hospital (undergoing surgery as I type, leaving soon to collect the patient again),  a lovely elderly lady I know also in hospital and needing visits daily, boychild freshly out of neck brace being told he is fine to play rugby this weekend and to top it off this morning a less than satisfactory encounter with an automaton who works at the Inland Revenue Department  leaves me in need of a pick me up.  The conversation with the automaton started with me asking  a question which could have simply been answered with a yes or no answer, instead opened a can of 5 year old worms, which had I not phoned would have blissfully gone on being an unopened wormy can for the rest of my life.  It does however solve the mystery of why they keep sending me forms to fill in and file.  Sigh.

Simon’s Cat to the rescue.  While I ponder what to do about the automaton problem I will watch Simon’s Cat.  There are lots of these now and you will see the rest of them pop up on the bottom of the screen at the end of the video.  Watch them all.  All cat owners will relate to them.  The wonderful website is here.  And he has a book now too!  You can see him talk about the cat (called Hugh) and see him talking about the process of making the videos here.

I’ve been blogged and I like it!

Wow, fame at last.  Well famous on Adrienne’s blog.  I am very pleased to call the lovely Adrienne Buckingham my friend and she has done me the honour of mentioning me on her fantastic blog Dunedin Is For Lovers.  It is a great blog, cleverly profiling lots of things inherently Dunedin in an attempt to lure her family and friends from the cold of Canada to Dunedin in summer to attend her nuptials to the equally lovely Stewart.  You can read her entry about me here!

The thing is, if you have even the remotest interest in Dunedin you should check it out, she finds fabulous things to write about and it is just great to drop in there from time to time and find new exotic things to do, and in your own back yard at that!

Thanks for your kind words Adrienne, you are my fave!