Dinosaur Comics of fabulousity

This is awesome. Really! Get this into your brain. Dinosaur Comics are so great. I’m definitely late to this party but I’ve made it finally.

Scroll through the comics, especially the one before this one I’ve put in below.



Gotta Share

And of course I found this lurking on Twitter, oh and I’ll post this to my FB page too.  LOLz.  Regular visitors will know I like Improv Everywhere, they’ve been here before, and really it is just cos they are damn fine and awesome.  I particularly like this one too.

Superheroes – this is what they’re really like!

I’ve stopped giggling now – well enough to type.  Having watched this video at least twice I’ve decided that lots of people might like it.  “my mask has cat ears and covers my nose”  “doo doo”  “easy peasy”  LOLOLOLOL.  Made by Aardman Animations, of Wallace and Grommit, Chicken Run and assorted very good goodies.  Came to me from here.