Gotta Share

And of course I found this lurking on Twitter, oh and I’ll post this to my FB page too.  LOLz.  Regular visitors will know I like Improv Everywhere, they’ve been here before, and really it is just cos they are damn fine and awesome.  I particularly like this one too.

Superheroes – this is what they’re really like!

I’ve stopped giggling now – well enough to type.  Having watched this video at least twice I’ve decided that lots of people might like it.  “my mask has cat ears and covers my nose”  “doo doo”  “easy peasy”  LOLOLOLOL.  Made by Aardman Animations, of Wallace and Grommit, Chicken Run and assorted very good goodies.  Came to me from here.

World economic collapse explained:

Everything you ever wondered about in terms of world debt and who owes what to whom is succulently explained in this sketch by John Clarke and Brian Dawe.  You can probably find the succinct answer to any other burning question on their other videos.  Everything from Immigration to the politics of the Rugby World Cup are here for your viewing pleasure or at least the Dawe and Clarke take on it.  Very entertaining.

A wee treat for the partners we love

I think this handy chart will be useful to have about the house.  I think it isn’t just a men or woman thing this is a partnership deal.  I would like to encourage my partner when she views this post to take on board the sentiment and indeed follow the instruction.  After all “Have some wine” is so often the correct answer.  To everything.  Really everything.  I hate to create the impression that I’m partial to a glass of wine, even if it is true.  Well it is true!  But don’t go judging me as a wine dependent sado, because even if that were true, I would deny it throughly and robustly.  So, darling, if you are reading this post, do take note and apply the medication (wine) as directed below.  Cheers!


Tim Minchin

Via the wonderful Miriam Tuohy’s FB page.

Tim Minchin is an Australian comedian and musician, or musician and comedian.  Witty repartee is his specialty area that and fantastic piano stylings.  Check out his website here and the video below.  Nice.  He is also the voice in the film of Shaun Tan’s wonderful The Lost Thing which won an academy award in recent times.  More niceness.

Posh Nosh and the asethetics of plating!

The always elegant Emily Duncan recently posted this on her FB page.  I believe it to be stupendous, and one of the vital things one must think about at this time of year.  Plating – Christmas it is all about the look of the food isn’t it rather than the actual taste?  Or not.  Anyway here is the vastly superior  Hon. Simon and Minty Marchmont offering helpful and not at all snarky advice on how to plate aesthetically.

Stars Richard E. Grant and Arabella Weir. Aired February 25, 2003

Penguin Dilemmas

Via Neatorama

This is very cute.  Two Cute, funny penguin couple overcome an obstacle in the rainy, windy elements. Shot near Volunteer Point in the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean by Carole Anne (babers201) and Ron.

Penguin: Ooh, look, the ground is gone here!
Penguin: It’s water.
Penguin: But not deep enough to swim in.
Penguin: What will we ever do?
Penguin: I’ll have to think about that a bit.
Penguin: Look, maybe we could …walk through it!
Penguin: I don’t know, that doesn’t look right.
Penguin: Give it a try!
Penguin: I believe I will …jump!
Penguin: Now you’re just showing off.
Penguin: Well, your idea of walking through it may be for the best.
Penguin: Hey look! Mud! Whee!