Lee Child

Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child

lee childAt about the 3/4 point I nearly gave this away. In the end I quite enjoyed it, but along the way I got mighty worried about Mr Reachers penchant for knocking people off right and left, his stealing and pillaging of people’s belongings and cash and his blatant disregard for the law. His rap sheet must be considerably longer than my arm! I know that these are the kind of books where you have to suspend your disbelief, but sometimes it gets a bit much for me. And the attitude to women is considerably less than satisfactory, Mr Reacher you are a dick! And yet I keep reading the bloody things.

In this one the Special Investigator team the Reacher was in charge of in a previous life, are being knocked off. The remainder of the team get together to figure out who is doing it and why. With money being no object and a little bit of romance for Reacher on the side they set about their mission. Taking cars, phones, cash and leaving a heap of bodies in their wake.

Die trying by Lee Child

Ok, so I work in a boy’s school, in the library, and I’ve never read Lee Child.  I know, I feel the shame!  Oh but come on, I read Harlan Coben, and I’ve read James Patterson and I remember John Grisham and David Baldacci who pump out a book every 6 months and I thought, nah, not this guy, this Jack Reacher, he man, I don’t need that.  Sure, the boys love him, the staff love him, but me, I’m better than that.  I had started one ages ago and put it down when distracted by the shiny cover of something else.  Well revise all that.  I loved this book!{93309B16-BFA3-41F8-98DB-7EB48E107435}Img100

Why did I even start it given my bad attitude.  Nick told me to.  He loves these books and has now read about 5 of them.  I thought, well he is a 16 year old, he likes them, probably the boys at school are just like him, I’ll try another one.

Action from start to finish.  Mystery and suspense, he had me from the end of page two.  Action all the way.  Slightly too gory in places for me, but the pace is so fast that I didn’t really care.

So, not immediately you understand, but I am going to read the next one.  Can’t believe it, but there you go.