old spice

Grover does the Old Spice Ads

“Look at yourself, then back to me, sadly you are not a monster.”  So cute.

Here is a Grover doing his version of the Old Spice ads.  There is certainly something rather fetching about a muppet in a shower scene!  Grover explores the word on in this one, and provides a new version of the old spice ads which have previously been explored on here in their original and library incarnations.

Old Spice Ads @ the library

The tears are streaming down my face with laughter!  I have to share this.  So, you have to have seen the Old Spice Ads they look like this – there are many and a Facebook page  (I’ve linked to the one where he answers the questions of the fans, more chortling with laughter here)  but below is one of the early ones.  Watch, then head on down the page.

So, then the parodys start!  This is one with a  library theme – cos that is how I roll!  I do understand if it isn’t as amusing to others as it was to me – actually that is a lie, this is so funny and you’d better be laughing along I tell ya! Link via CMIS Fiction Focus blog