Information literacy – the ah ha moment

If you don’t inhabit the library world at all then this is going to be really mundane and boring, but if you do you should check it out.

This is a double whammy posting, it is also appearing on the link dump part so that I can keep track of it for doing the professional reading thingy. So if you are one of those two people who check that page then you are getting it twice sorry.

This is possibly the biggest Ah Ha moment of the year.  Have I said that already this year?  Probably.  Buffy Hamilton you are a school library goddess and I can only aspire to be 5% as good as you. But this posting right here is the bees knees.  Watch the video below and realise that maybe if you are running some kind of Info Lit programme then maybe the kids are listening.  Yes it is American stats they are showing but I think you could probably say the same for here.  I might just repost this on the main page as well in case it gets lost on here in the backblocks of the link dump.

If you watch this and want more, and I just really think you should you might want to watch Buffy Hamilton being interviewed by the great Harold Reingold here on his DML Central blog.  Inspirational learning using Web 2.0 tools in English.

Google Zeitgeist 2009

So, I always think it is interesting to check the Zeitgeist at the end of the year at Google.  This analyzes the search terms that were most commonly used in 2009, you can search by  most popular searches on google worldwide, by region or by category.  Makes interesting reading and it is interesting to see what was trending last year compared to this year.

Here is the quote from the NZ section:

2009 Year-End Google Zeitgeist: New Zealand

Kiwis headed online this year to learn about things both close to home (new toll roads, lyrics to Kiwi music, Matariki) and global phenomena (swine flu, twilight, twitter, sustainability). But some things don’t change – All Blacks tickets are still the most searched for, and we still love our TradeMe. Enjoy this look at New Zealand’s searching psychology.
Interesting!  The BNZ login at search term no 3??  Worldwide Michael Jackson was top of the search pops!