Simon’s Cat

Simon’s cat saves the day

It has been a bit of a week!

Partner in hospital (undergoing surgery as I type, leaving soon to collect the patient again),  a lovely elderly lady I know also in hospital and needing visits daily, boychild freshly out of neck brace being told he is fine to play rugby this weekend and to top it off this morning a less than satisfactory encounter with an automaton who works at the Inland Revenue Department  leaves me in need of a pick me up.  The conversation with the automaton started with me asking  a question which could have simply been answered with a yes or no answer, instead opened a can of 5 year old worms, which had I not phoned would have blissfully gone on being an unopened wormy can for the rest of my life.  It does however solve the mystery of why they keep sending me forms to fill in and file.  Sigh.

Simon’s Cat to the rescue.  While I ponder what to do about the automaton problem I will watch Simon’s Cat.  There are lots of these now and you will see the rest of them pop up on the bottom of the screen at the end of the video.  Watch them all.  All cat owners will relate to them.  The wonderful website is here.  And he has a book now too!  You can see him talk about the cat (called Hugh) and see him talking about the process of making the videos here.