Librarianship it turns out, is a hotbed of acronyms. It is truly spectacular how every time an important library committee meets they can choose a new acronym which poor library science students such as myself have to memorise. I feel lucky, so many have been used now that maybe they will run out. Or just feel obliged to put random letters together and make up the words to go with them.

Library Geek books.  Old style!

Library Geek books. Old style!

Assignment 1 is in

Yes folks, finally, the overread, overwritten, undercorrected assignment has hit the server at the Open Polytechnic.  Thank God!  Now I can get onto the next one.

What’s next I hear you cry in eager anticipation – why it’s the cataloguing one.  I K N O W!  So much excitement to be had there.

The celebratory Magnum is about to be consumed.