Regrets – I’ve had a few

I had a lovely day at work the other day. Left to my own devices on teacher only day.  All the staff in meetings all the students out at work day, and me processing books in the workroom with the iPad playing lots of TED talks I haven’t had time to listen to in ages.  Lovely.   I loved this TED talk by Kathryn Schultz on the topic of regret.  As the sort of person who has often gone… Should have? Why didn’t I? Could I have?  This talk really spoke to me about how crazy that is.  But it also reminds me that regret keeps you honest, it keeps you a good person and it makes you think of others.  I’ll be watching more of Kathryn Schultz.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

In yet another stupendously good talk the combination of Denis Dutton, a professor of philosophy and the editor of Arts and Letters Daily (also stupendously good) with the wonderful artist from RSA Andrew Park, whose work has featured on here more than once.  (Link to the Daniel Pink one I loved so much, and here is the one to the Ken Robinson talk.) There is another one on this blog too, but I have temporarily misplaced it.  Will put in a link when I find it here is a very interesting way to spend 18 minutes.

There is a bit of weirdness in the html code for the video so just ignore this bit down here and head to the video.

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Natalie Merchant at TED

TED is just so good.  Such a variety of specialists in so many different fields.  Today, however they have totally floated my boat by having the gorgeous Natalie Merchant – see earlier post – whom I have worshiped for years, do songs from her new album which is called Leave Your Sleep.  She puts poetry from the 19th century poets, some well known, some not, to music.  Natalie Merchant has done all manner of gorgeous things, my fave being Motherland which I own two copies of – like an insurance policy.

So here is is – lovely lovely lovely.  You should watch to the end.  Her crowd control is so funny when she has to curb their enthusiasm.