Tyre Potatoes!

The tyres back in January

Pictured on the left are two stacked tyres.  These ones are not my faves.  These are the rubbish ones and we will quickly move on from the fact that these have produced one lousy radicchio plant, and three slightly stumpy zucchini.  They have been rubbish!

Moving quickly along, let us discuss the successful experiment to grow potatoes in tyres.  I head all sorts of opinions on this but in the NZ Gardner magazine they assured me that it would be fine.  And it was.  Yesterday I harvested an enormous sack of potatoes from a three tier of tyres.  I grew Red Rascal and Agria potatoes in them and although some of the spuddies are a little funny shaped – kinda flatish rather than roundish – it was majorly successful.  I still have a whole heap of spudies in the ground waiting to be harvested but they can just wait until some of this crop have been cooked up.  Note to self, find some new potato recipes.  Or I could revisit some like this one from a previous post

As for the dismal lot in the photo, those tyres are going to be moved and shifted and I might try a different root crop like yams or kumura.  I think the problem is that the tyres get too warm for leafy crops.  Ideas welcome.

Veges galore

Chives gone madSpuds and artichokesI am experimenting with growing potatoes in tyres.  This is batch number 1.  Batch number 2 will get planted tomorrow.  The heat generated in the compost within and the black rubber of the tyres is supposed to accelerate the growing and so if this turns out to be true there will be new potatoes for Xmas at the beginning of Advent!  Hmm.  I doubt it but anyway it is worth a try.

The tyres came for free from a tyre place, and the compost is grow your own and cheap stuff from the warehouse mixed with blood and bone (my fave).  At the moment in the garden there are.  Mustard greens (they will not make the cut next year) Corn Salad (fantastic stuff) various lettuces, tomatoes, zucchini x 2, and assorted others.  I await developments with interest.