The Books!

Here is what you need.  A link to my Goodreads Page.  I keep all my reading records on there.

This is the link to My Goodreads.



  1. Just finished The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, loved it, need to re-read in the future with a fully engaged brain. So interesting to read about this poor man who managed to communicate with a single blinking eye due to his being unable to move any part of his body other than this one eye. He suffered ‘locked-in syndrome’ as a result of a stroke. A huge achievement and an amazing look at the thoughts of a man whose life was totally destroyed by illness. Wonderful book, amazing man. Sad and beautiful. Will hire the movie to see how they treated the book.

  2. Opening the Book – Finding a Good Read by Rachel Van Riel and Olive Fowler.

    Recommended reading for anybody who works in a library.
    Rachel Van Riel is a total legend.
    Her ideas for connecting library users with books are very cool. Her comments on the look of libraries and how you can make them more meaningful to users and increase your usage and relevancy to patrons are great. It’s in the Dunedin Public Library.

  3. Ideas for connecting library readers? I guess it is for the library folk. I just finished reading The Road. When the world is ended I hope it takes me too! Quite well written but sad sad and more sad and then a sad ending as well. need something uplifting to read now! Am reading Elizabeth George.

    1. LJ: You need to read the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Schaffer. Good read, but more uplifting than The Road!

  4. Dirty Liar by Brian James. This book is so grim, gritty and sad. The main character hates himself, his life and his family. He is the son of a Mum who drinks herself into a stupor everyday, who makes him do dispicable things so she gets her alcohol cheaper. He has been abused by her new boyfriend and sent off to live with his Dad who doesn’t ‘get’ him. The only glimmer of light is his Stepmother who is nice but nosy. He left his girlfriend behind when he moved and fancies a girl in his class. He hangs out with the losers and is miserable utterly and completely miserable. And that is the beginning of the story!

    So grim and gritty, lots of interesting use of words that start with F and drug taking. But I liked this book. It is written in a style to make you sit up and pay attention. I recommend it for all your dodgy sad boys who think there is nothing in the library to read after they finish Thunder Road.

  5. Me again…
    I really love your blog. I was looking for a follow button, but couldn’t seem to find it. I am new at all this blogging and so I’m still trying to learn my way around. I can see why you won the best blog award. very nice.

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