She blogs because?

Why this blog?

I’m a school librarian, lover of young adult fiction, a bit obsessed with internet magic and web toys and how they can be used in education and to make tedious jobs much more fun. I also work as the Careers Advisor in my school.

I’m an opinionated so and so, and I want to share the things I like –  maybe you will like them too, and after all it’s nice to share.  If you like to cook, to read, to listen to lovely music, to connect with people and have an interested in libraries you might find something interesting here.  It is a personal blog, I have other blogs for work stuff.

I love to read – lots of different things, I’m a bit obsessed with my garden – especially with roses and perennials, I prefer old fashioned heritage roses. I do the cooking thing, like really!  I have fads in food but have an undying love for Nigella and not just because she is so hot, but because I love the way she writes about food.  I also love Nigel Slater, Jill Dupleix and a host of others.

You can find me on Twitter:  but I hate it and only keep an account for DMs. In desperate need of contacting me?  Leave a comment with your email address and I will get back to you.



  1. Hi Bridget. Given your kids names I presume you are the Bridget who lived in Emu Plains NSW many years ago? We used to be friends thru Playgroup but lost touch when you moved back to NZ. I’d love to catch up with you and will be visiting the south island of NZ in November 2010. If you’re interested in catching up please email me, if not, I’ll be disappointed but will understand. You sound like you’re happy so I’m glad for you.

  2. Hi. Try ‘War on the Margins’ … a little like the Guernsey Potato book but in my humble opinion better… historical narrative and social bigotry all in one.

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