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I won’t give up by Jason Mraz

Oh this is just lovely.  This guy sings songs that make me go all melty.  Singalong with him.  I admit it is a bit hymny but oh well it makes me go all gooey and that works for me.


Walk Off The Earth – Somebody I used to know

This great Gotye song which has been on repeat around here has been given a new touch with five people and a guitar.  These guys are awesome, there are lots of great examples of their fabulousness on YouTube on their Channel.

Mel Parsons

So yesterday I’m listening to National Radio pottering around pretending to do jobs around the house but not really making a firm commitment to anything.  I was feeling far too smug about having planted hedging all around the new vegetable patch and the clothesline paving.  I heard Mel Parsons being played, I hopped in my car went to what seems to be the only place in Dunedin where you can buy a cd that isn’t completely mainstream and I bought this.  It is great, boppy, countryish, she has a great voice and every song is a winner.  I feel like a winner for finding her.  Thanks RNZ

Lana Del Rey

If you are looking for sad and beautiful the video below may be nirvana for you.  The music without the video is gorgeous, but add the video and you get a totally different feel. Super 8 footage in the old school style, gorgeous opening, very distopian and glamour glamour glamour.  She’s described herself as “Hollywood Pop/Sad Core” it is certainly sad, it is certainly beautiful and I love it a lot.  The video has had some of it’s content ‘adjusted’ if you want to see what she originally made then have a look at it here on Daily Motion.

Her Myspace page gives you access to more videos and photos etc.

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Lady Gaga and the video of awesomeness

It has been a while since Lady Gaga impressed me with her video antics but this time I’m her video watcher slave again. The video of You and I is cool.  If she is going to put in scenes like this (watch it and you will know what I’m talking about) I’m going to watch and listen and probably download/buy the cd.  Mermaids, Gaga dressed as a James Dean lookalike, gorgeousness galore.  I like!  Great tune.

Listen to Libby!

If you like it (and of course you do) you could join this Facebook page called Text Vote for Libs which aims to get Libby Hamilton onto the morning TV show Good Morning.  I don’t watch morning television due to an allergy – well an allergy to missing Morning Report on National Radio.  Libby is from Alexandra and is a lovely person, and she can sing.  Really sing.  Really sing beautifully and well.  Join the page.  Go on.  She is lovely!