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Changes in my wake up call

If you have looked at this blog from the way back when, you will know of my penchant for the lovely Sean Plunket.  He and Geoff Robinson are my morning chorus, the light that leads me into the day.  You will know how I hated people being unkind to his sensitive personage, and how I promoted ‘his’ blog Sean does craft.  The blog is not being updated but the last posting had me rolling in the aisles  of my lounge (I remain unconvinced that the blogger is actually Sean himself but I’m sure he would have approved).

Today the sad news that Sean is leaving Radio New Zealand.  I had to pull over and have a small moment of silence when I heard the news driving home from work.  Story here.  The Save Radio New Zealand Facebook page is full  of wailing and moaning about this terrible news.   I’ve even had to contribute my thoughts twice.  He leaves in September for places as yet unnamed and while I wish him every happiness in future endeavors I will miss him.  He and Geoff have been my regular mates of the morning.  They take on the forces of politics and grill them until well done with the truth extracted.  Oh yes he can be acerbic, he can keep be aggressive and I’ve heard that interview that got him stood down for a wee bit, but he makes me smile, his creative use of English is always entertaining and who am I to cast nasturtiums on that anyway.  I like his sharp wit and wicked tongue.

Sean in these months leading to the time of our separation I will try to come to terms with this impending doom and hope that you go somewhere I can find you without having to listen to advertising.  If you want to go and be with Marcus (Lush) that would be okay.

Sean Plunket – crafting hero

For those of you who know me well this will be no surprise.  At all, I know you have all been waiting with baited breath for my true confessions about my fondness of Sean Plunket (I’m looking at you Sarah!).  It just isn’t morning in my house if Sean and Geoff’s dulcet tones are not reverberating around the bedroom.  I like a direct interviewer, I like uncompromising intellectual robustness – I like Sean and Geoff!  A lot.  Their only competition is John Campbell – the man of my dreams. And in the summer when Sean is off I get  obsessed with Matinee Idol/Idle.  More on those later though.  Our focus today is Sean.  See below.

Now in the news, there is Sean’s blog.  Sean’s Crafting Blog, no less.  Go check it out here I recommend you check it out, particularly if it is the case that you have rather a lot of elbow pasta lying around and you want to make reasonably priced Xmas pressies with it.  Of course one suspects that an interloper has hijacked Sean’s good name and is doing it ‘on his behalf’ but I for one am convinced that Sean is a secret crafter.  I like that thought, takes me to my happy place. And look, in the background of the photo there is the  lovely Geoff, perfect!